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IJSRET  Volume 1 Issue 5, August 2012
S.No. Title Page No. Downloads
1. CYK Algorithm
Shamshad Ali
001-004 download
2. Study of WiMAX Physical Layer under Adaptive modulation Technique using Simulink
Abdul Rehman1, Tauheed Khan, Sunil Kumar Chaudhry
005-011 download
3. A Review Paper on Biometrics: Facial Recognition
Sakshi Goel, Akhil Kaushik, Kirtika Goel
012-017 download
4. Performance Analysis of Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filter Design Using Various Window Methods
Era Singhal
018-021 download
5. Introduction to Fact Devices and Introducing New Generation of Statcom
Vertika Jain
022-027 download
6. Secure Authentication with Encryption Technique for Mobile on Cloud Computing
Akhil Kaushik, Hari Om Awashti, Kirtika Goel, Sakshi Goel
028-033 download
7. Development of Efficient Object Detection Techniques for Image Fusion Application
Mahuya Roy, Biswajit Biswas, Amlan Chakrabarti
034-040 download
8. Parent Cluster Head with XML usage in Wireless Network
Nalini Tyagi, Rahul Gupta, Ruchi Singh
041-044 download
9. Higher Education and Economic Development in India
Ramesh Kumar
045-048 download
10. Neurostimulators Used in Brain for Parkinsonís disease and Epilepsy Using Bionics
Shweta Gupta, Shashi Kumar Singh
049-052 download
11. MIMO-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing System over Rayleigh Fading Channel with Simulink
Ruchin Mangla, Maninder Singh
053-058 download
12. Internal Scan Test Methodology of Sequential Circuits
Gyan Prakash Pal, Sadhana Pal, Amit Kumar Gupta, Vinayak Yadav
059-062 download
13. Irreversible Compression
Rohit Jain, Rohit Agarwal
063-067 download
14. Recovery of Energy from Waste Generated in Biogas Power Plant
Vikas Singh rajput, Abhay Kumar Sharma, R.K.Ranjan, Surendra Singh
068-072 download
15. Best Energy from Lethal Bio-Medical Waste
Abhay Kumar Sharma, R.K. RanJan, Surendra Singh
073-078 download
16. Oil Conservation in Biscuit Industry
Surendra Singh, Sasi K Kottayil
079-083 download
17. Ebg Structures And Its Recent Advances In Microwave Antenna
Alka Verma
084-090 download
18. Secure Internet Verification Based On Image Processing Segmentation
Shiv Kumar Tripathi, Anshul Maheshwari
091-095 download
19. Revealing The Concept & Fundamental of Quantum Dots
Buddhi Prakash Sharma1,Malvika Agrawal,Amit Kumar
096-100 download
20. Design, Development & Simulation of Fuzzy Logic Controller to Control the Speed of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive System
Davendra Yadav, Sunil Bansal, Munendra Kumar
101-106 download
21. Computer: Itís Utility in Human Development
Dr. Kiran Mani Tripathi
107-110 download
22. Contingency Ranking for Combined Pool/Bilateral Market
Kirti Pal, Yashi Sharma,
111-119 download
23. Digital Image Watermarking
Kirtika Goel, Akhil Kaushik, Achal Agarwal, Sakshi Goel
120-123 download
24. Performance Evaluation of Mesh with Source Routing for Packet Loss
Lalit Kishore Arora, Rajkumar
124-129 download
25. A Novel Architecture for Effective and Efficient Unit Testing
Manik Chandra Pandey, Dr.Jayant Shekhar, Rameshwaram Tiwari, Shriniwas singh, Anuja Singh
130-133 download
26. Notion of Neural Network in Artificial Intelligence with Single Neuron
Neeraj Shukla, Anuj Kumar, Neeraj Joshi, Akhil Kaushik
134-138 download
27. A Survey on Reputation and Trust Management in Wireless Sensor Network
Sakshi Srivastava, Kushal Johari
139-149 download
28. Role of Industrial Robots in Lean Manufacturing System
Dr. Balkeshwar Singh,
150-153 download
29. Recent advancements in wearable bio-sensor applications
Vidhu Rawal, Ashutosh Dhamija, Sonam Gupta
154-159 download
30. Corona Effects on Ehv Ac Transmission Lines
Snigdha sharma1, Kanika Goel, Anmol Gupta, Hemant Kumar
160-164 download
31. Key Concepts and Network Architecture for 5G Mobile Technology
Sapana Singh, Pratap Singh
165-170 download
32. Data Security on WLAN
Naveen Kumar, B.S.Roohani
171-178 download
33. Analysis and Design of Logic Gates Using Static and Domino Logic Technique
Om Prakash, R.K.Prasad, Dr.B.S.Rai, Akhil Kaushik
179-183 download
34. Optical Fibre Communication: Optimiztion Using Simulation
Pallavi Gupta1, Rahul Sharma, Manoj Kumar Chauhan, Lavi Agarwal
184-189 download
35. Mobile Cloud Computing: A New Approach, Case Study, Result & Analysis
Payal Rani, Nalini Tyagi
190-193 download
36. Congestion Control in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Sandeep Rana, Varun Pundir, Ram Sewak Singh, Deepak Yadav
194-198 download
37. A Conceptual Study on Semantic Information Retrieval
Rajat Goel, Rajeev Kumar, Shalu Goel, Sudarshan Goswami
199-206 download
38. Mobile Payments by short range wireless Connectivity
Rohit, Neeraj Joshi, Navneet Kumar Yadav
207-211 download
39. An Order Level Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Linear Demand Rate and Variable Holding Cost
Sachin Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Manju Saini
212-224 download
40. The Place of Emerging RFID Applications to Enhance Operations Management
N.Saxena, A. Singh, R. Khanna
225-230 download
41. On A Production Inventory Model with Time Dependent Demand Rate
Sachin Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Manju Saini
231-233 download
42. Breast Cancer Detection Using Ultra wideband
Nalini Tyagi, Rahul Gupta, Ruchi Singh
234-237 download
43. Data Retrieval
Shatrumardan Yadav, Archana Das
238-241 download
44. Brain Mimicry: The Ultimate Challenge
Sachin Agrawal, Deepshikha Varshney, Arun Agarwal
242-252 download
45. An order level inventory model for deteriorating items with quadratic demand rate and variable holding cost
Sachin Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Manju Saini
253-263 download
46. Using Hinfinity Control Theory Designing of Robust UPFC Controller in Power System
Kanika Goel, Snigdha Sharma, Anmol Gupta, Gurpreet Singh
264-273 download
47. The Potential Human Health and Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology
Naveen Dubey, Lokesh Kumar Gupta
274-278 download
48. Ultra-Wide bandwidth Circular Monopole Antenna
Shashwat Chaturvedi, Sanjay Sharma, Shashank Chaturvedi, Sachin Sangal, Sachin Sharma
279 -282 download
49. Spectrum Sensing Technique in Cognitive Radio using WIMAX signal
Shweta Verma, Shailee Yadav
283-288 download
50. A Fuzzy Approach Scheduling on More Than One Processor System in Real Time Environment
Sheo Das, Payal Goel, Kawaljeet Kaur
289-293 download
51. Robots and Robotically Assisted Surgeries
Shilpa Pandey, Nitisha Payal, Aarti Sharma
294-298 download
52. Novel Technique for Image Denoising
Bhaskar Gupta, SP Verma
299-302 download
53. Human Development
Rahul Bhardwaj, Shahanawaz Ansari, Y.S Rajput
303-308 download
54. Application of Soft Computing Techniques: Fuzzy logic and Genetic Algorithms
Shivani, Vibhash Singh Sisodia
309-312 download
55. A Graph Based Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation for Hindi Language
Sandeep Kumar Vishwakarma, Chanchal Kumar Vishwakarma
313-318 download
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