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S.No. Title Page No. Downloads
1. The Human Illusion of the Time Line
Allan Zade
1-4 download
2. An Innovative and energy efficient Designing of communication System Based on Light Fidelity (LI-FI)
Mrs. Swati Singh, Prof. (Dr) Y.P.Singh
5-8 download
3. Synthesis and Characterization of poly (e-caprolactone): A comparative study
A.Sivabalan, R.Harihara subramani, B.Meenarathi, S.Palanikumar, R.Anbarasan
9-14 download
4. Synthesis and characterization of Poly (e-caprolactone)/Fe3O4-Safranine nanocomposites
B.Meenarathi, R.Anbarasan
15-19 download
5. Variations on effect algebras
Akhilesh Kumar Singh
20 download
6. High Speed & Power Efficient Inverter using 90nm MTCMOS Technique
Buddhi Prakash Sharma, Rajesh Mehra
21-25 download
7. Dynamic Threshold MOS transistor for Low Voltage Analog Circuits
Vandana Niranjan, Akanksha Singh, Ashwani Kumar
26-31 download
8. Development of Optimized Antenna for WLAN Application
Rohit Agarwal, Mrs. Garima Saini
32-35 download
9. A New Hybrid Feature Selection using Natural Language Processing for Text Clustering
Mrs. Rashmi G. Dukhi , Ms. Pratibha Mishra
36-39 download
10. Removal of Iron Contents in Commercial Crude Sodium Sulphide By Using Low Cost Adsorbent
Jyotsna Agarwal
40-42 download
11. Comparison between Different Techniques of Digitally Controlled Buck Converter
Amar Gaur, Dhirendra Bharti, Shri. S. K. Singh
43-47 download
12. Design and Synthesis of Stepped Impedance Microstrip Line Low Pass Filter
Garvansh, Navita Singh, Arun Kumar
48-50 download
13. Structural Analysis of Nokia BL5C and Substandard Batteries - Issues and Threats
Narayanan.S, Saravanan Kumar.M
51-55 download
14. Some Contribution to Practical Management Science Problems
Prof. Hitendra P. Dave, Krutarth H. Dave
56-61 download
15. A Highly Efficient Integrated Buck & Boost PFC Converter
Gitanjali Anand, Shri S.K.Singh
62-66 download
16. Design of 32nm CMOS EIS Comparator for N-Bit Flash ADC
Dharmendra Kumar Gangwar, Suresh Patel, Sh. Nishant Tripathi, Sh. S. K. Singh
67-70 download
17. Design of UPQC with constant frequency controlled scheme for removal of Total Harmonic Distortion
Vimal Chandra Gupta, Dharm Prakash Diwakar, S.K.Singh
71-75 download
18. Studies On Lab Performance Evaluation And Critical Re-Examination On Bituminous Concrete Mixes
CR Shivakumar, Dr. M. S. Nagakumar
76-82 download
19. Performance Evaluation Of At Grade Intersections And Improvement Using Signal Coordination
Naveen Kumar R, Dr.M.S.Nagakumar
83-88 download
20. Studies On Soil Stabilization By Using Bagasse Ash
Prakash Chavan, Dr.M.S.Nagakumar
89-94 download
21. Performance Analysis of Different Modulation Techniques for OFDM System
Renu Rathore, Buddhi Prakash Sharma
95-99 download
22. Analysis and Review of Possible e-pill with Wireless Communication Finding Applications in Biomedical
Abhishek Kumar Mishra, Mrinal Mitra
100-104 download
23. Systems: The Foundation
Shubhra Singh, Mrinal Mitra
105-112 download
24. A Comparative Study on Decision Tree and Bayes Net Classifier for Predicting Deabetes Type 2
Nipjyoti Sarma, Sunil Kumar, Anupam Kr. Saini
113-115 download
25. Analyzing Aliasing effect in Down Sampler with increase in factor M
Monica Singhal, Rajesh Mehra
116-121 download
26. Design and Performance Analysis of FIR Filter for Audio Application
Ritesh Pawar, Rajesh Mehra
122-126 download
27. High Pass Filter Design and Analysis Using Nuttall and Parzen Windows
Ghulam Ahmad Raza, Rajesh Mehra
127-130 download
28. Design and Performance Analysis of IIR Filters for Reducing Signal Noise
Mehmood ul Hassan, Rajesh Mehra
131-134 download
29. Performance Analysis of Window Technique Based Band Reject FIR Filter
Renuka Verma, Rajesh Mehra
135-139 download
30. Design of ED-PWM system an UWB wireless communication system
Ravindra Kumar, Shesh Nath Yadav, Sh. A. G. Rao, Sh. Nishant Tripathi, Sh. S. K. Singh
140-142 download
31. Image Enhancement using Neural Model Cascading using PCNN
Prof. Kailash Chandra Mahajan, Dr. T. K. Bandopaddhyaya, Dr. Poonam Sinha
143-148 download

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