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IJSRET  Volume 2 Issue 8, November 2013
S.No. Title Page No. Downloads
1. Improved Mechanism for Relevant Focus Crawler
K F Bharati
Department of CSE
JNTUCEA, Anantapur

460-463 download
2. Comprehensive Detection of Human Body Odour in Air Matrices
Sanjay Kumar Jain, Jyoti Singhai, Shailendra Jain
Department of Electronics & Communication
MANIT Bhopal

464-467 download
3. Haptics: Technology Based on Touch
Megha Goyal, Dimple Saproo, Asha Bagashra, Kumar Rahul Dev
Asst. Professor, Assoc. Professor, Student, B.Tech Student
Department of ECE
Dronacharya College of Engg., Gurgaon

468-471 download
4. Locating Fabric Defects Using Gabor Filters
Padmavathi S, Prem P, Praveenn D
Department of Information Technology
Amrita School of Engineering, Tamil Nadu

472-478 download
5. Ontology Model of Software Engineering for Multi-Site Software Development
Kalyana Chakravarthy Dunuku, Komal, V. Saritha
Department of Information Technology
Software Engineer, Assistant Professor, Assoc. Professor, SKEC

479-485 download
Archibald Danquah-Amoah, Daniel Amiteye, Bassey Eno Basiono, Akyampon-Sakyi Yaw
Department of Biomedical Engineering, All Nations University, Koforidua Ghana

486-491 download
7. PDE-Based De-Noising Approach for Efficient Noise Reduction with Edge Preservation in Digital Image Processing
Hemant Kumar Sahu, Mr. Gajendra Singh
Research Scholar, Department of Information Technology, RGPV, Bhopal

492-497 download
8. Computer Vision Techniques for Supporting Blind or Vision Impaired People: An Overview
Abu Sadat Mohammed Yasin, Md. Majharul Haque, Sadia Binte Anwar , Md. Shakil Ahmed Shohag
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
World University, Bangladesh
University of Development Alternative, Bangladesh

498-503 download
9. Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Security: An Overview
Md. Majharul Haque, Md. Shakil Ahmed Shohag, Abu Sadat Mohammed Yasin, Sadia Binte Anwar
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
University of Development Alternative, Bangladesh
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh
World University, Bangladesh

504-511 download
10. A Survey on Automated Text Summarization Methodologies
K. Divya
Computer Science Engineering, Medicaps Institute of Technology and Management, Indore
512-517 download
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