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IJSRET  Volume 1 Issue 4, July 2012
S.No. Title Page No. Downloads
1. A Prescriptive Policy Paper on E-Governance Use of Wireless Technology in Electronic Voting Machine
Achal Agarwal, Richa Agarwal, Kirtika Goel
001-006 download
2. ICT enabled Collaborative Learning Approach in the Indian Context
Dr Rakesh Mohan Bhatt
007-010 download
3. Body Sensor Networks: A Review
Piyush Yadav
011-014 download
4. Analysis Of Hamming Window Using Advance Peak Windowing Method
Akhilesh Chandra Bhatnagar, R. L. Sharma, Rajesh Kumar
015-020 download
5. Scenario and Challenges of Web 2.0 & Its Extensions
Dr Rakesh Mohan Bhatt
021-024 download
6. An Improved Design for the IIR Digital Fractional order Differential Filter using Indirect Discretization Approach
Jay kumar Pandey, Mausmi Verma
025-030 download
7. Denoising of Magnetic Resonance Images using Wavelet Domain Transform based methods
Neelabh Sukhatme, Mr. Manik Verma
031-038 download
8. Facial Expression Recognition Using Principal Component Analysis
Akshat Garg, Vishakha Choudhary
039-042 download
9. Design and Implementation of Sierpinski Carpet Fractal Antenna for Wireless Communication
Rahul Batra, P. L. Zade, Dipika Sagne
043-047 download
10. Design of a Split Ring Slot Triangular Patch Antenna
Swati, Tarun kumar, Amul kr. aggarwal
048-051 download
11. FPGA Implementation analysis of FIR Filter over MAC, DA FIR Cores
Mausmi Verma
052-056 download
12. Cognitive Radio Network Technology: Security, Architecture and Assessment
Manorma Kaushik, Awanish kumar kaushik, Anubhav kumar, Sweta Kaushik
057-063 download
13. Sound Reinforcement System
Dr. S.P.Tayal
064-068 download
14. An Overview Of Technical Aspect For Cognitive Radio Network Technology
Awanish kumar kaushik, Manorma Kaushik, Anubhav kumar, Sweta Kaushik
069-075 download
15. Chess Game As A Tool For Authentication Scheme
Sandeep Kumar Pandey
076-083 download
16. Search Engine Personalization Using Concept Based User Profiles
Naresh Sharma, Moolchand Sharma, Om Jee Gupta
084-087 download
17. Comparison Of Microstrip Antenna and Microstrip Antenna With Slots For Microwave Life Detection System
Vinay Kumar Singh, Reena Kumbhare
088-091 download
18. Factors affecting individual innovation: an examination of personality trait (in Indian perspective)
Sohan Singh Rawat, Vipin Kumar Chaudhary , Rashmi Negi
092-096 download
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