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Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019 Edition
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EATHD-2015 Special Issue

IEERET-2014 Special Issue Volume 1

ICRTIET-2014 Special Issue Volume 1

Prof.(Dr.)V.K. Khare
Dean - Students Welfare
MANIT, Bhopal
Prof. Rupesh Vishwakarma
Department of Computer Science
IIT Kanpur, India
Prof.(Dr.) Dinesh Kr. Matta
Bharat Institute of Technology
Meerut, India
Prof.(Dr.) A.K. Soni
Asst Proffesor , ME
MANIT Bhopal, India
Prof.(Dr.) Bensafi Abd-El-Hamid
Dept of Physics and Chemistry,
Faculty of Sciences,
Abou Bekr Belkaid University of Tlemcen
Tlemcen, Algeria
Prof. (Dr.) B.T.P.MADHAV
Department of ECE
K L University,Vaddeswaram
Guntur DT, Andhra Pradesh
Prof. Kapil Tyagi
Asst. Professor - Dept of Electronics Engineering
Jaypee University, Noida
Prof.(Dr.) Rakesh Sharma
Mohawk College. Hamilton
Prof. Neha Singh
Associate Professor, ECE Dept.
Institute of Engineering and Technology, Alwar
Rajsthan, India
Prof.(Dr.) Indu Verma
Professor, Department of Physics
University of Lucknow
Prof.(Dr.)Sunil Kumar Yadav
Department of Applied Science &Humanities
Rajasthan, India
Prof (Dr.) Sanjay Jain
HOD of Electronics and Communication Dept.
Hindustan College of Science & Technology , Agra, India
Prof. Vivek Birla
Asst Professor
Dept of MBA
GLA University(India)
Prof. Gauri Gupta
Assistant Professor
Dept of Mathematics
Moradabad Institute of Technology
Moradabad, India
Prof. Manoj Gupta
Electronics & Communication Dept. Central University of Rajasthan,
Ajmer, India
Prof.(Dr.) Ashish Deshpande
Associate Professor
Dept of Management
National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, India
Prof. Vivek Kumar Shrivastava
HOD,Department of Information Technology
Institute of Technology and Management Bhilwara
Rajasthan, India
Prof. Sanyog Rawat
Assistant Professor, Electronics and Communication Department
Amity School of Engineering & Technology
Amity University,Rajasthan, India
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